5 (+2) Keys to Preparing for Fall and Winter Blues | Mindfulness and Psychotherapy


With the crazy weather that we have been having here in Portland – one week hot, the next week cold – I’m noticing that it’s getting darker each night as I leave my office. Where did those evenings go when it was still light out at 9pm? While I am looking forward to to the cozy feeling of Fall I also know that the winter blues will soon be upon us. So, now is the time to start preparing for the long gray days of winter.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Mindfulness training
2) Exercise
3) Light therapy
4) Gratitude list
5) Connect with friends and family
6) Travel – As a friend told me when I moved to Portland, “you’ve got to get out of here at least two times during the winter, even if its just to the other side of Mt. Hood”! The sun is out there, you just have to make some effort to find it.
7) Books and Coffee – two things that make Portland great and will help get you through the long winter months.

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