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Can Mindfulness Transform Feelings? | Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood

Often people spend much of their time at the mercy of their emotions.  They feel rejected and spiral into loneliness and despair or they feel slighted and become stuck in thoughts of anger and retaliation.  If you often feel trapped in negative emotions and would like to transform them, try the following mindfulness exercise. 

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Death Anus Ad from NYC Dept of Health – Sean Strub

The New York City Department of Health’s “It’s Never Just HIV” advertising campaign, targeted to encourage HIV negative gay and bisexual men to use condoms, has prompted a conversation that is profoundly important and speaks directly to the heart of the problems with HIV prevention.

This is a long blog to read, but as sean states there is just so much info that is pertinent to the subject. Fear does not change behavior. Fear does increase stigmatization.

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