Accessibility Rates & No Surprises Act Information

I am mindfully aware of financial barriers to mental health care, and have reduced fee sessions available for clients with financial need. These sessions are only available to clients seeking individual therapy. If these sessions are filled, a waiting list is available. Please feel free to contact me to discuss current availability, as well as other payment options to make therapy accessible to you.

No Surprises Act Fact sheet from The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid 

Private and group practices such as Sanctum Counseling and Wellness are required to present clients with a ‘Good Faith Estimate’ of services to outline potential out of pocket costs for self pay and uninsured clients. I comply with this new law by covering the costs of services, the estimated number of sessions and reviewing this information at intake, reassessment and at expiration of sliding scale service agreements. ¬†If at any time you have questions about the status of your financial account with me, feel free to ask.