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Is It a Loving Relationship or an Addiction? | Healing Together for Couples

According to Brenda Schaeffer, who has written about the difference between love and addiction, addiction is composed of three elements: obsession or preoccupation, a feeling of being out of control, and continuation despite negative physical and psychological consequences. As with other addictions, the signs of addictive relating often become increasingly evident

POZ – Newsfeed : 65% of U.S. Gay Men Support HIV Criminalization

65% of U.S. Gay Men Support HIV Criminalization

This concerns me. While I do believe that each of us need to take responsibility for the spread of this disease, and open and honest communication with our sexual partners is important. It scares me that over half of the gay men in this contrary would support crimination laws. This is a slippery slope to go down. Remer (dare I say the good old days) when we visited the hospitals to comfort our lovers and friends who were dying of Aids. When we visited the hospitals even when we have no lovers or friends their, but only to provided support and comfort to any one who suffered and were alone. In the streets we demanded care, drugs, research to end this epidemic. Now we are turning against our self

Med Students Not Seeking Mental Health Treatment; The Stigma Associated With Real Depression

Medical students experience depression, burnout, and mental illness at a higher rate than the general population, with mental health deteriorating over the course of medical training. Medical students have a higher risk of suicidal ideation and suicide, higher rates of burnout, and a lower quality of life than age-matched populations. Students may worry that revealing their depression will make them less competitive for residency training positions or compromise their education, and physicians may be reluctant to disclose their diagnosis on licensure and medical staff applications.

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Everyone Should Be in Therapy

Like all things humane and full of soul, in a mechanistic society people prefer pills and behavioral techniques — and maybe a little electricity — to talk. It’s popular in some circles today to pooh-pooh therapy as mere yakking, branding it laughably simplistic compared to pharmacology and hardware. Yes, talk is simple and yet sometimes more difficult than making a pill.

Thomas Moore makes a great point that we are not as rational as we might believe or act and can all use Therapy.

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