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Crystal Meth, HIV and the Gay Community – The Body

However, we know less about the underlying issues leading people like Tom, Mark and Sean to become addicted to crystal meth. What suffering leads them to lose themselves in the cycles of acting out, escapism and, sometimes, alienation? Maybe the most important components of the crystal meth phenomenon are the least talked about: homophobia and internalized homophobia. Both the prejudiced attitude towards us for our different sexual orientations, and the way we’ve internalized that attitude, results into lowering our sense of self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth.

This is a very good article that looks at some of the underlying issues that cause Crystal Meth to be so wide spread in the gay community.

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Sex Tips

Some, but not all of us, are aware when something turns us on. We might find ourselves just slightly more tuned in, or note a change in our bodies. It might be sudden and shocking or slow and subtle. Whether you