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Increase Semen Volume – Is There A Way to Increase Semen Volume

the dozens of companies making unfounded claims about their semen-volume-increasing pills seem to focus on three reasons why men should care enough to buy their products: more semen makes you more masculine, more semen increases your sexual pleasure, and more semen can make you more fertile. Let’s consider each of these claims.

A very good article explaining how Marketing has prayed on our insecurity as gay men. And an answer at to why porn stares cum so much, all smoke and mirrors.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb National Survey Finds a Disparity Between Health Care Providers and HIV Positive Patients Perspectives on the Emotional Barriers to Seeking HIV Care and Treatment

today presented results from a national survey which found that emotional barriers, such as stigma, fear, denial and shame, and structural barriers, such as lack of knowledge, transportation, and insurance coverage, can prevent people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) from seeking care and treatment.

As gay men growing up in a Heterosexual world, we still harbor the deep wound of shame. This is often the root of our denial. Even when we come out sexually we want the world to see us as the successful homosexual, braking away from the stereotype that the culture has of us. When we contract an illness that has been demonized it taps in to that shame and we often go in to denial. The work we need to do is to start to understand our internalized homophobia and separate it from the medical care we need.

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Vista Lateral: Signs of Discrimination’s Demise

When U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro ruled last week in Massachusetts that the federal law banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional it reminded me of something. There comes a moment in every struggle for equality when the arguments for maintaining discriminatory laws and practices suddenly seem absurd to reasonable people.

Despite every thing we hear there is always hope both from with in us and out side of us. The conservatives are showing their hand with their irrational behavior and people are beginning to see this.

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Proclamation of Psychological Independence | 360 Degrees of Mindful Living

This chronic deficit of self-acceptance becomes a matter of national deficit and undermines the socio-political independence of our society. Long-term sovereignty of a nation rests with psychological independence of its constituents. A nation of psychologically insecure denizens is at war with itself, and is, thus, divided.

This is a very good article that talks about how our individual drive for more and more has lead to a country with an obsessive need to for bigger, better, faster, smarter and a drive to attain the unattainable. As the individual drive is motivated to fill an emptiness, so is the need of our country. As the article states

Dear 20 years old and depressed

Dear Fabulous Marc,

I am an unfortunate individual trapped in the awkward age range of the 18-20 crowds. Most people just don't realize just how awkward it is for us to want and crave to have a social life away from college when there is literally nothing to do and nowhere for us to go. Where are all the gay hangout spots for the 20 year olds like myself who want to hang with other LGBTQ people without being forced to hang out with 16 year olds? Why can't certain LGBTQ clubs host an 18+ night so that we can go out, too? It's absolutely frustrating to spend summer after summer with no evening social life as a LGBTQ person, having to wait until the dreadful year that I turn 21. Seriously, if I can smoke, vote, pay taxes, pay student loans for college, and have consensual sex and be married, how come I can't have an active nightlife as well? Are there any LGBTQ nightclubs that would be willing to host a night like this for us desperate awkwardly aged people who really crave to meet other LGTBQ people our age? I mean, the only way I'll be entering a gay nightclub this year is when I leave this country-what a shame.

20 years old and Depressed