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As Irene, the first major hurricane of the 2011 season, leaves her mark on New York and the northeast, Westboro Baptist Church warns the nation once again to “obey or perish.”

If for a moment we suspend any intelligent though and, just for a moment believe that God punishes groups of people by the used of weather. Take a look at Topeka, KS where Westboro Baptist church is located.

The May 1903 Flood
The Winter of 1911-1912
The 1930s Drought and Heat
The July 1951 Flood
The June 8, 1966 Tornado
The Heat Wave and Drought of the 1980 Summer
The Extreme Cold of December 1983
The March 18, 1984 Ice Storm
The July 1993 Flood

Some 20th Century Topeka Weather Extremes
Highest Temperature…114 F (7/24/1936)
Lowest Temperature…-26 F (12/23/1989)
Longest Stretch of 100 F or more…19 days (8/9-27/1936)
Most 100 F or hotter days per year…59 (1936)
Longest Stretch of 0 F or colder…95 hours (12/21-25/1983)

Wettest Year…1973 (60.89 in.)
Driest Year…1963 (19.07 in.)
Wettest Day…March 15, 1919 (5.23 in.)
Wettest Month…June 1967 (15.20 in.)

Most Snow in a Winter Season…47.9 in. (1911-1912)
Least Snow in a Winter Season…2.9 in. (1994-1995)
Most Snow in a Day…17.3 in. (2/27/1900)
Earliest Measurable Snowfall…October 9, 1970 (0.8 in.)
Latest Measurable Snowfall…May 3, 1907 (3.2 in.)

Highest Wind Gust…120 MPH (7/21/1904)

Does no sound like Eden to me.

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