12 Depression Busters for Men- Beliefnet.com

Because men aren’t diagnosed with depression as often as women, we tend to downplay the wreckage this illness makes in their lives. Crying mothers makes for better footage on the evening news. So here’s a refresher on some sobering statistics you need to know: 80 percent of all suicides in the US are men; the male suicide rate at midlife is three times higher than women and for men over 65 seven times higher; more than four times as many men as women die of suicide in the United States; even though women make more suicide attempts during their lives, men attempt suicide using methods that are generally more lethal than those used by women; suicide accounts for 1 in 100 deaths, and, as noted above, the majority of those are men; the suicide rate among young men is increasing (not so among young women), and the majority of these men have not asked for help before their deaths.

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