Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – Libby Post – – Albany NY

The Miami News Times, an alternative newsweekly, first broke the story. Then the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites kept the story going strong. Unable to ignore a growing firestorm, the mainstream media eventually picked up the story.

This will be my last post involving the issue of Reparative therapy. The reason? At this point it is a mot point. The American psychiatric association, the American psychological association, the national association of social workers all have denounce reparative therapy as being destractutive to gay individuals. So why give any more space to these fringe organizations? Those who blindly believe in them will always ill, and those who have a shred of insights will see the deceit of their ways. As I read this article I became angry and full of hate for this Rekers, then realized that I am becoming like him. Full of hate. We as gay men and women have fought for our right to love those we chose, to marry those we chose, to fight for equal rights. No more and no more less than any one else in this country. Lets keep our fight on this higher ground, and not become like those who hate us. Look to history and see that those who have always taken the higher ground have persevered as those how stooped to hatredred and rabble rising fell by the way side.

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