Why am I so passionate about working with men

Why counseling for gay men?

Why am I so passionate about working with gay men, much as Matthew Fox states in “The Hidden Spirituality of Men”.

  • Because Western culture is a dualistic patriarchy that values thinking over feeling, material wealth over spiritual, scientific fact over intuitive knowledge, men over women, and heterosexuals over homosexuals.
  • Because men are rarely rewarded, and often mocked, for openly expressing their deepest feeling of joy, sensitivity, and pain.
  • Because many men carry wounds inside they would rather forget or put aside than admit are there.
  • Because men, who are “not supposed to cry”, learn to hide their grief as well as their joy.
  • Because men sometimes work so hard that they do not have time or space for exploring their hearts.
  • Because, in an attempt to respect the women’s movement, some men feel compelled to silence themselves and hide any “unacceptable” maleness.
  • Because homophobia robs men of their capacity to relate deeply to other men.  Even men who overcome homophobia must often keep this secret in an excessively heterosexist culture.
  • Because men sometimes confuse religion and spirituality and in the process run from their own journey with Spirit.

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