Services and Programs on Sexuality

A Sex-Positive Approach to Individual Counseling
Do you have to be in a relationship to learn more about your sexual self? Not at all. We work with individuals who want better sexual connection, in their relationship or with their feelings about their own sexuality. People come to us with concerns about orgasmic ability; lack of desire; questions about sexual fantasies or turn-ons; or abuse histories that get in the way of the expressiveness and joy they seek in their sexual relationship.
We work with a wide variety of people and are open to the multitude of ways people seek sexual satisfaction and pleasure.
The term sex-positive refers to the attitude that sex is an especially precious and fun aspect of being human, and that everyone is entitled to enjoying a wonderful sex life.
Here are some examples of how counseling about sexuality can benefit you:
• You communicate easily with your partner about what each of you likes and doesn’t like.
• You act in ways that are authentic and true to yourself.
• You are clear and respectful about boundaries, and find partners who respect yours.
• You have a positive sexual relationship with yourself and are able to give yourself sensations of pleasure.
• You feel confident that you know how to please another, and are competent sexually.
• You know how to obtain information about sexual questions or concerns you may have, and take responsibility for improving your sex life when desired.
• Difficult relationships or experiences from the past may continue to influence you, but you still allow yourself to enjoy and take possession of your sexual self.
Your sexual behavior and relationships feel like a natural extension and expression of who you are, as a whole complex, emotional, sensual and imaginative person.